February 25, 2011 | Designed by Hunt Adkins

Kudos to Hunt Adkins for making gluten-free so damn exciting!

Bard’s is America’s first gluten-free beer, founded in 2005 by two home brewers with celiac disease. Given the unusual niche of their business, they knew it had to be marketed just right.

The challenge with Bard’s was: How do you brand a non-traditional beer so it speaks to both the necessity that comes from the gluten-free community and the tradition and adventure that the craft beer drinker desires? Hunt Adkins understood our two-birds-one-stone goal and really ran with it by developing strategy and creative that speaks to the beer drinker in all of us instead of the gluten-free beer drinker in some of us.
— Bard’s Beer CEO Brian Kovalchuk

Wheat or no wheat, that raised beer sure speaks to all of us. Cheers!

Bard's Beer
Bard's Beer
Bard's Beer
Bard's Beer
Bard's Beer

Here’s packaging before Hunt Adkin’s rebranding:
Bard's Beer

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  1. Does each cap have a different phrase on it?

  2. yep! there is also a series of 6 posters that posed a question and provided a lengthy answer full of more topics to discuss.

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